About Fragy Online Store

Welcome to Fragy Online Store the best place to buy all types of drugs like Adderall , Oxycodone and Xanax. We are online sellers of all types of drugs , prescription pills and others. The most exciting of them is that we sell without any for of prescription. We also have a very secure packaging and payment system which guarantee delivery and make purchase easy.

Our Experience On Dark Market

We have been dealing on dark market for a very long time now we sold our drugs on markets like Dream market , Empire , Icarus , Igora and ,many more which give a very high Experience dealing on drugs. Many will ask why stop dealing on dark market its simple. We now have all the ideas and connection requires to ensure secure delivery.

Payment Methods Fragy Online Uses

Fragy online store have a very fast , secure and easy payment methods which enable our deals to be secure and discreet making purchase easy and secure to. Some of this payment methods we use include , Bitcoin , Cash app , Zelle , PayPal and google pay which are all secure payment methods.

Delivery time and methods

Our delivery is fast , secure and guaranteed. However we do two types of delivery which are overnight delivery and standard delivery. our overnight delivery take 24 hours for buyer to get package which the standard delivery takes 3 days. We also do overnight delivery to and country in the world. You can contact us for more details.

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